Registration Terms & Conditions

Promotion Period: January 5-15, 2018

NJF and Hotel Week NYC Participant agree to the following:

Services to be provided by NJF, an MMGY Global company, Hotel Week NYC under this agreement shall include the following consulting services with respect to public relations matters:
1. Spearhead a comprehensive public relations plan to promote Hotel Week NYC.
2. Manage and maintain Hotel Week NYC program.
3. Prepare and distribute news releases to media.
4. Secure media coverage for Hotel Week NYC that will appear in but, not limited to newspapers, magazine, web and broadcast.
5. Provide a media toolkit with suggestions for social posts.

As a participant, your Hotel agrees to the following terms:
1. Contribute the participation fee, to be received by NJF, payable by check no later than Nov. 30, 2017.
2. Offer room rates at the $100, $200 $300 or $400 range.
3. Create a Hotel Week promotional code for booking directly on your website.
4. Allow NJF through Hotel Week NYC, to use without cost or charge, your Hotel’s name and logo in materials promoting Hotel Week NYC.
5. Inform reservation desk staff, managers and other necessary hotel personnel about Hotel Week during pre-shift meetings.
6. Assume sole responsibility for all operational costs associated with participation.
7. Agree to provide NJF with quantifying documentation of reservations during Hotel Week, which will be due to NJF 3 weeks post event.

Mutual duties and responsibilities:
1. NJF and Hotel Week NYC Participant recognize each other as self-governing entities and not agents of the other, therefore, shall conduct business independently from one another.

The aforementioned Agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties relative to the Hotel Week NYC, and is intended to be fully binding upon the parties.


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